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Kru Rúben Avelar Muay Thai School

Caparica Muay Thai

School for beginners and Muay Thai professionals in the traditional style, Muay Boran.

Muay Boran's centered, lower and wider stance makes it easier to deflect the opponent's strikes and allows the defense to instantly transform into a grapple. In addition, it also protects the fighter from blows aimed at vital organs.

Caparica Muay Thai students


Training the new generation of Muay Thai champions in the traditional Muay Boran style with all the philosophy and respect for this century-old martial art


Contribute to the emotional and physical balance of all practitioners


Create a strong Muay Thai community 


Build one of the best Muay Thai Schools in Europe and the World

Lisbon Muay Thai Muay Boran School


It's not fairplay. It is Respect.

At Caparica Muay Thai we value respect for life. Overly dangerous techniques are avoided and taught only to students selected by the Kru who prove to live up to this value.
Respect for the art, its philosophy, for its masters and ancestors who are recognized in Ram Muay and Wai Kru.
Respect for others is essential. Be it a colleague, opponent, receptionist, referee, teacher, father... Respect for others and their dignity is crucial to us. Inside and outside the ring, inside and outside the School.

Discipline and focus

Where our focus is, our energy follows. Maintaining focus and training discipline is essential for Muay Thai evolution.

Discipline means arriving on time, complying with the training plan you committed to, and fulfilling your obligations in general. 

To control an opponent, control yourself first. Your routines, your emotions, your body.

We exist in Community

Human beings do not exist alone, in and of themselves. We are part of a whole, of a community.

A Muay Thai School only makes sense if its members are integrated and contribute to Muay Thai community.

In the same way, the School exists in a community, in a society of which it must be a living part. We contribute to our community by renovating the School space that was degraded and belongs to the Fire Department. We also contribute by trying to reduce our environmental impact by recycling and using environmentally friendly materials as much as possible.

Finally, we exist in families. If you need to bring your child to your training, they are welcome. If your dog gets along well with our Pinky, the School Dobermann, bring him or her with you too!

Pinky the Muay Thai Kru dog

A Pinky

The Facilities

We are located at 300 meters form the beach which enables us to organize both indoor as well as outdoor workouts.


There is a proper Muay Thai rong and all the equipment you need to practise. The room is spacious, vented and with sunlight. The WC have showers.


Our home is an old degrated building from the Firefight Department that Rúben has been renewing to keep it for the town. Below you can check out the progress.

The School building before
Escola antes
Pormenor da Escola antes da renovação
Caparica Muay Thai School building after intervention
Muay Thai Muay Boran Kickboxing ringue
Showers Caparica Muay Thai Muay Boran
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