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Muay Thai Classes - Adults


90-minute group classes for adults and teenagers aged 13 and up

Main benefits

In addition to those listed on the home page, practitioners seek us because:


With the aim of graduating in Portugal and with recognition in Thailand or obtaining titles in Muay Thai championships.

Rúben Avelar Method and the true Muay Boran style

Nowadays it has become difficult to find masters in the old style of Muay Thai - Muay Boran. More aggressive, "real" fighting, less gambling, Muay Boran is one of the main self-defense martial arts. On the other hand, some Muay Boran techniques can be used or adapted to be used in official Muay Thai fights, which is a disruptive factor in the ring that can be precisely the differentiating factor that leads to victory.

Body Balance

The sedentary life we lead is in itself a great cause of stress to our body. The repeated movements we make are one of the main causes of injuries and chronical diseases with pain. After spending a whole day on the computer or driving, eating more calories than we burn, and with no time to spare, students find the answer in our 90-minute classes. A complete workout, from cardiovascular to flexibility, where you can spend up to 1500 calories.

Stress Relief and Increased Self-esteem

The body is pre-programmed to set in motion hormones for physical response every time we perceive a threat. However, the body does not differentiate a physical attack from a threat to our personality or to what we believe we need to survive, threats that are very frequent in modern life. For example, our boss criticism might make us afraid of losing our job, which is a threat to our survival. Workouts help by releasing the body's physical response to tension and hormones, improving our well-being, our satisfaction with our body image and increasing our belief to be capable to deal with a threat.

Complement to Other Sports

To practice several sports one needs a good physical condition, but not all trainings have this focus. People frequently reach out to us to improve their physical condition for surfing, for example.

Schedules and Prices

For the standard programs. Talk to us for individual and premium programs.

Enroll now

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