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Muay Thai Muay Boran Master Class

Muay Thai / Muay Boran Master Class


Individual class with a personalized plan to your ability and your objective. From beginners who want to know the basics of Muay Thai and Muay Boran to professionals who want to learn one or more differentiating techniques.

Main benefits

Unique and Individual Experience in the true Muay Boran style with a Muay Thai Champion

Nowadays it is more and more difficult to find masters in the old style of Muay Thai - Muay Boran. More aggressive, "real" fighting, less gambling, Muay Boran is one of the main self-defense martial arts. On the other hand, some Muay Boran techniques can be used or adapted to be used in official Muay Thai fights, which is a disruptive factor in the ring that can be precisely the differentiating factor that leads to victory.

Students spend 120 minutes alone receiving techniques from Master Rúben Avelar, Portugal and Spain Muay Thai Champion. 

Students find this option very useful when they are struggling with a technique or to learn new techniques, new blows, new defenses, new Muay Thai and/or Muay Boran counterattacks. The individual class is highly technical, so you walk out the class taking away new techniques and the necessary knowledge to practice them properly.


Please note that the availabilities need confirmation. Talk to us.

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