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Muay Thai Kids Class Caparica Muay Thai Muay Boran

Muay Thai Classes - Kids


60-minute group classes for children aged 5 to 12

Main benefits

In addition to those listed on the home page, practitioners seek us because:

 Balancing Energy

Some children have a lot of physical energy that they need to release in a positive and constructive way. Similarly, other children show a somewhat apathetic behavior and classes become stimulating for them.

Increased Concentration

Any one of us has a preferred way to apprehend and learn: visual, audiovisual or kinesthetic. Most kinesthetic children tend to struggle with the traditional teaching method because they need to learn in motion.

In addition to spending excess energy that makes it impossible for the child to concentrate, Muay Thai or Muay Boran techniques require focus to be executed. Thus, through practice, students begin to find it easier to focus their mind and body towards a goal. The classes are so practical and physical that we can more easily endow them with a greater ability to concentrate.


The rigor of the training plan and the difficulty of the training itself, having a clear objective, being busy, being in an environment that is naturally disciplined... All of these are factors that naturally translate into improvements in undisciplined behavior.

Emotional Balance

Frustration, anger, hurt, fear, excitement... When we are children, we have little control over our surroundings and our own lives. What we eat, what we learn, when we sleep... Everything is dictated by adults. Coupled with the natural hormonal changes of growth, emotions can easily become overwhelming. Workouts provide a space for these emotions to be expressed and channeled in a positive and purposeful way. From the student who needs to vent his anger on a punching bag to the student who needs to feel stronger to not be so afraid, which increases his self-esteem, for example. Bully or bully-victim both need support and often get better.

Complement to Other Sports

To practice several sports one needs a good physical condition, but not all trainings have this focus. People frequently reach out to us to improve their physical condition for surfing, for example.

Schedules and Prices

For the standard programs. Talk to us for individual and premium programs.

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